About me

I’m a professional Graphic Designer and trained Cultural Scientist. This here is my personal page where I share myself, my writing and my photography.

I’m married and live with my husband in the south of Germany. I love graphic design (obviously), but I also like to paint and craft, I write science fiction adventures and try to keep my 25 years old Mercedes alive. If I’m not elbow deep in some creative project, I cultivate an extensive indoor jungle of house plants.

I have blogged under this domain since the year 2004, although this site and I have seen many transformations over the years. The advent of Social Media regrettably caused a phase of dormancy, but with the new possibilities coming with recent WordPress developments, I decided to blow off the dust and revive it again, as I can now do stuff I previously hadn’t time to learn the coding for. I love to learn new things, but the day has only so many hours.