About me

I have blogged under this domain since the year 2004, although this site and I have seen many transformations. With a M.A. in Cultural Studies I live as a legal alien among life scientists at my day job as graphic designer, but as I suffer from excess creativity I also count writing, painting and photography among my many talents.

I’m a highly intuitive empath and an ambivert, or an extraverted introvert. That means I enjoy spending time with other people, but it really drains me and I need a lot of alone time to recover.

I prefer old things over new things, because they have a history. My favourite colour is rainbow. I work as a graphic designer but I do have a M.A. in Cultural Studies, History and English. I live in the south of Germany with my husband and far too many house plants.

Virgo. Monkey. INFJ. HSP.