White Christmas

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The stable was as pitch black as before, even with the better light. The wind howled outside like they were under siege from an ancient beast. Adelie involuntarily ducked her head with every gale. The narrow circle of the light left enough to the shadows to get her imagination going, and it already was overworked from the earlier encounter with their unexpected guest. Nate kneeled on the floor in front of the fuse box, poring over a bunch of cables going in.

This takes place after the events of “Apples of Eden” – so if you’d like to see first how our intrepid pilots fall in love, you should not read this. There’s lots of kissing and hugging in here.

Adelie and Nate plan to celebrate Christmas in the dead of Eden’s winter, but a beast of a snow storm and an unexpected guest make this easier said than done. This story has everything: Snow, Christmas trees, cute encounters in long johns, tiled ovens and hot chocolate, kisses under the mistletoe and even a sleigh ride.

If you want to read the story on an e-reader, drop me a line, it’s also available in epub and mobi formats.

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