Alpha & Omega

Cadet Chronicles Book 1
First, she ‘kills’ him in a mock dog fight, then she saves his life – Nathan Havisham is at odds with Adelie, the beautiful, witty pilot in his sister squadron at Westerhaven Space Force Academy. He’s not willed to risk his heart again after a failed relationship, but her smiles don’t leave him alone.

Former Planet 500 racing star Baroness Adelie von Klaiber has left her home planet Eden to pursue a career in the Space Force after realising her husband-to-be would only marry her to gain rank and money. Saving the life of womanizer Nate links her to one of the most sought after pilots in her year, and she can’t deny he’s not only handsome, but also quite irresistible.
After crossing each others paths a few times, they discover that they make a great team. But will they also make good lovers?

Status: This novelette is written and used the be available on the old I’m currently working on publishing it as an e-book and will offer it for download soon.

Cadet Chronicles

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Cadet Chronicles Buch 1

Alpha and Omega