Back in black

Hello WordPress, you trusty old friend. We go back a long, long time, way back before Social Media was a thing. But you know what – Social Media has lost its appeal. I’ve grown weary of Twitter, which seemed to have turned into a pressure valve of bad moods. Facebook is just ads. Instagram is pretty, but not a place for words.

The urge to express myself in longer texts has been silent for a long, long time. Back when blogging was a thing, it was not the age of shit storms and trolls and rage culture. Putting yourself out there in 2004 was very different to putting yourself out there now. Besides, I only had friends, not colleagues and bosses back then. Back then it wasn’t mandatory to have an imprint, and there was no EU Cookie Law or the GDPR. All this can take the fun of owning a blog or website as an everyday person.

Screw it all. I like to share myself. I like to put words into the world. And I want to own my content. I don’t want others to make money with my brain stuff – or tracking every click my readers make. So here we are, back to the basics, the very basics.

And what will this be? Not a place where you will find new content every day – I don’t have the energy for that. But I do want to post something every week, preferably on Sunday mornings. You will get served a hopefully funny selection of my every day struggles as a human being, the ongoing restoration process of Janis, my almost vintage Mercedes, and whatever else feels worth of being shared with the world at that point in time.

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

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