New year, not so new me

It‘s that time of the year again, where we write big intentions into fancy new notebooks, only to fall of the band wagon three weeks later. I have to confess, I used the break between Christmas and the New Year to, well not set intentions, but to evaluate how I spend my time. I even watched some productivity classes on Skillshare, only to be reminded that I am not and never will be a workaholic. Yet, there are things I want to do, and somehow don‘t do. And that bugged me. Hence, the productivity classes. I actually did learn valuable stuff in the class, for example why we struggle with actually doing things even though we want to do them, and what exactly motivation is. I learned useful numbers how much time I should spent planning and reviewing those plans and systems. How reviewing things is crucial.

Through the class I discovered Notion, the note taking app I had been looking for and never found, because it is very versatile and does all the things I want. I used it immediately to list all the things running haywire in my brain, and now we will see if I can actually stick to my plan to plan, execute and review my projects on a regular basis. I also used it to organize my big writing project and other ideas, and even work stuff. I‘m so glad I finally have a database for all the things that don‘t work well with paper notebooks.

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