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Attraction – An Alpha & Omega out-take

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The craft of writing demands a lot of re-writing, shuffling and cutting of words, scenes, sometimes whole chapters. What follows is a scene between Nate and Jake that didn’t make it into the final version. Some ideas re-appear in the locker room scene that got written and published instead. Originally, Alpha and Omega had a lot more plot-lines and a lot more characters. I’m looking forward to write more of Nate’s friendship with Jake in “Rocket Sisters”.

The sports bar was loud and dark, the beer cool and tangy. A phalanx of broad backs lined the bar, staring at the screens above them. Nate was for once happy about the lack of women around him. Jake shoved him with his shoulder.
“I really don’t get you, man. Why don’t you give up? If she’d been interested in ending up in bed with you, she’d have invited you in.”
“I don’t know. I really just like spending time with her.”
“Spending time with a woman. Outside the bedroom? I thought you don’t do relationships.”
Nate huffed at his friend’s teasing smile. “I don’t. Costs too much effort with too much risk of getting hurt.”
Jake scratched his unshaven chin, then took a sip from his beer. “You see her every week in the library. You tell me this is not a relationship.”
“It’s not. I don’t know what it is. She’s like you, just in pretty.”
Jake laughed. “Thanks man. I’m aware I’m not a hot piece of man candy like you.”
“It’s nice. It’s nice to talk to her. She has a great sense of humour. She’s witty. She doesn’t accept my bullshit.”
“Your bullshit?” Jake ordered another beer.
“You know, the usual waffle, which works well with the nurses, but doesn’t seem to impress her at all. She always raises her eyebrow, smiles in a way that makes it really hard to not kiss her, and looks like she wants to say ‘You’re kidding, right?'”
Jake snorted. “So she’s a challenge. You can’t accept that there’s a woman immune to your charm.”
Nate took a big gulp of his beer and a moment to sort his thoughts. “She’s not a challenge. I… I like her. I’d almost forgotten how nice it is to just spend time with a woman, to get to know her. Having an actual conversation about anything.”
Jake chuckled into his beer. “Careful man, she’s taming you.”
“She already managed to get you into a tie and shiny shoes.”
Nate laughed. “Well, she was wearing a really beautiful dress, and the concert was nice too, totally worth wearing a suit.”
His friend shook his head slowly. “You know, she’s not going out with anybody else, so it can’t be something that has to do with you. Maybe it’s a Baroness’s Code of Conduct that doesn’t allow her to sleep with hot male fellow students. Maybe it’s just because she’s a baroness, and we’re not barons… who knows?”
They turned to the match flickering in front of them, but Nate couldn’t concentrate. Jake was onto something, although he didn’t think it had anything to do with her being a baroness.

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