19/07/2017 um 21:11

So, what’s up?

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Greetings, fellow Dumplings in the Soup called Life, how is it in your corner of the world? We’re currently victims to another heat wave with temps around 35°C (this is 95°F for you on the other side of the big pond), and this makes things quite sticky and sweaty. Anyhoo, it’s called summer for a reason.

So, what have I lined up now that Alpha & Omega is only five episodes short of being complete? Unfortunately, writing takes time, and I’m nowhere near a 56.000 words strong book. Life, work, etc… you get the picture. But there will be a Book Number 2, and currently, I plan to begin publishing its first chapter in October. Nothing is set in stone because I haven’t written anything yet. It’s going to be called “Rocket Sisters”, and it will be a collection of shorter stories, focusing on Adelie and her friends. More strong ladies, woop woop! But no worries; Nate, Jake and Gerald will still be there, too. And, that’s the biggest change probably, I will be writing in German. I’m switching languages for various reasons, but mainly because writing in a second language is like writing with the handbrakes on. There are enough mediocre English writers already, and that’s what I always feel when I write in English: Mediocre.

I’ve also been quietly working on lining up two social media accounts that accompany this blog. There is the Facebook page which will keep you in the loop about new episodes and also posts pictures of shiny vintage cars and other pictures that I find fitting for my made-up world of Meadow Junction or are in other ways awesome Science-fiction. And then there’s a (new) Instagram account himmelskratzer.writes, which will not post inspiring quotes as so many other authors do, but will show behind the scenes and my own creations for the Cadets’ Universe, as well as notifications when new episodes are available. So if you don’t follow the Cadets there already, you’re welcome to do so.

I’m still undecided what I’ll post after Alpha & Omega has run its course, to tide everybody over until I can post new original stories. I do have oodles of one shots and vignettes in my notebooks, mainly fluffy scenes between Nate and Adelie; maybe I’m going to post some of this. Time – the archenemy of the creative person with a full-time job. *huffs*

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