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Rugby Championships, Part 5 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 59)

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More letter writing.

Dearest Adelie,
coming into my room after dinner to a new message from you is certainly my highlight of the day. And I hope that you like waking up to one from me every morning. My shoulder still hurts from the crash with Lexington, but the doc is confident that I’ll be able to play in the final. Holy crap, I still can’t believe we made it all the way to the end. We’re all equal parts excited and terrified. What an honour, what a chance – but Whitestone won’t be easy. Heck, neither of our opponents was easy, but I’m not sure our usual tactic will work against them. Oh, how I wish you’d be here, with your tactical finesse. I often find myself thinking: “Now, what would Adelie say, with her razor-sharp mind?” You’d probably say, don’t use the same tactic anyway, because this makes us predictable, and you’re so right. I miss you, babe. You and your feminine ways. You know how male pilots are, but I don’t think you can imagine what happens when you put a bunch of them into close quarters for a few weeks. The testosterone’s dripping off the walls. I can assure you when we’ll see each other again, you won’t get out of bed for a week. Like a mad man, I crave the sweet touch of your lips, the silky friction of your velvety skin against mine. I need to hear you sigh when I kiss the pulse point on your neck, and your moans when I go lower. Your hands restlessly ransacking my hair when you kiss me. I want to make you quiver and squirm and go taut with anticipation. I long to be buried deep inside you, when your body arches and muscles ripple all around me, because nothing, nothing feels as good to me as you do. Sorry to go all troglodyte at you, but when the day is done, and all polite conversation is over, I’m just a man, and I need my woman. Badly.
Yours always,
please never apologise for having needs – even if this need includes my body. I do have an inner troglodette who wants and misses you too. If you want to make me all hot and bothered, keep writing me letters like this. There’s a void inside me that demands to be filled with you. I want to be wrapped all around you, feel you, cradle you within me. I want to surrender to your kisses, I want to be swept away in a flood of exquisite emotions that only you seem to be able to coax from me. Your lips. On mine. On my skin. Always knowing where I like them, where I need them most. You always seem to know what I need – how do you do that? I don’t want to sound shallow, and there are many ways in which your absence reminds me of how wonderful you are, as a man, as my partner, as a cook, but right now, I miss your qualities as my lover most.
Looking forward to a week in bed with you,

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