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Rugby Championships, Part 4 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 58)

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Writing letters to each other.

Dear Nate,
I’m glad to hear that you arrived safely and that you’re happy with the hotel. Nothing’s worse than bad lodgings. The guide has done me good service all the time the tour stayed in Shanghai Five. I don’t know if it’s still there, but if you get a chance, try Fong’s at the corner of Emerson and Gibraltar Avenue – they have the best Dim Sum. Everything’s the same here in good old Westerhaven. Only you are missing. It was weird to go to bed last night without you and very lonely without you cooking breakfast this morning. My attempts to reproduce your fluffy pancakes failed miserably, but I followed your recipe to a t. Clearly, there’s a trick you haven’t shown me yet.
Take care,
your Adelie
My dear Adelie,
I’m exhausted beyond words. But we made it to the semi-final! Did you watch the game? It was a battle! The masseur here is lacking your talents, though, and I’m very much in need of your capable hands. No, not just your hands. All of you. I thought I’d miss our intimacy the most, and goodness, how do I miss it, but to my surprise the little things sting more. Jake and I found Fong’s but his palate isn’t as refined as yours, and he was more interested in the cute waitress anyway. Dining there with you would’ve been a lot more pleasant. You would have made remarks about the quality of the food and not some poor girl’s ample chest. But you’re not here. There’s no one to welcome me with sympathy and a warm hug when I come back to the hotel after a gruelling training session. I miss your hand slipping into mine when I walk down a street and your excitement when something catches your eye. Your giggles when I say something funny. Your little tactical lectures over dinner. Did I ever tell you that I’ve gotten heaps and bounds better in air combat since I met you? Your words don’t fall on barren lands, I’m listening and take them to heart! Although I know I’ll never gonna be a tactical mastermind like you. But to be honest, right now I just want to feel your arms around me, your soothing voice in my ear, and fall asleep. My body is still screaming bloody murder at me, and the game was yesterday! I hope I’ll be able to stand upright after the semi-final, no matter the outcome.
I miss you,
My poor baby,
I hope you’re feeling better when you’re reading this. I’m so, so proud of you all! Yes, I watched the game – Bob and Eddy asked me to come over, and we yelled a lot at the screen. I was peering through my fingers when I wasn’t yelling, though. Nearly died because it was so close! It was painful to see your face so bloody and bruised and not being able to comfort you afterwards. Being stuck here in Westerhaven without the excitements of a new city, I feel there’s a Nate-shaped hole in my life right now. I’ve gotten so quickly used to be able to tell you the happenings of the day. Having you sit across the table, grinning, gesticulating, telling me about your day. It’s so darn quiet all the time. I even miss your obnoxious way of falling out of bed in the morning and doing a hundred push-ups right away! But hey, I haven’t burned down the kitchen yet in my attempts to get the pancakes right, that does count as success, doesn’t it? The days are okay, I can find enough to distract myself from your absence, but the nights give me trouble. First the quiet apartment, then I have a hard time falling asleep without your warm body next to mine. I’m lying awake and wonder if my bed has always been this big and empty. I wake up in the small hours of the morning because there’s no one snoring softly into my ear. They always say absence makes the heart grow fonder… I know what they mean now.
Lots of kisses on every bruise,

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