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The Marmoset, Part 5 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 36)

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In which our heroes deal with some unfinished business.

The drive home was quiet, both of them occupied with their thoughts. Only as he pulled into her street and killed the engine in front of her house, Nate realised he wasn’t ready for the evening to come to an end. Her fingers entwined with his on the short way up to her door. Every step brought him closer to saying goodbye. His heart raced as she stopped and turned to him, gracing him with a gaze that made him feel three sizes taller and like a king. Dancing together had evaporated all borders of personal space, at least for tonight – she stood deliciously close to him, her hand brushing his arm. A mischievous smile danced over her face, and she cocked her head.
“You should persuade me to go on romantic dates with you more often.”
“If you let me…”
She laughed softly. “Sorry for being so hard to convince sometimes.”

She didn’t want to say goodbye either: her hand still held on to his. Her body swayed against his as she took a step closer. It was an invitation to slip his arm around her waist. A smile rewarded him, and he took her completely into his arms. She met him without hesitation as if they were about to dance again. The way her pliable body melted against his suggested a Tango not fit for an audience. She brushed the back of her fingers along the curve of his jaw.
“You’re growing whiskers again.” His stubble seemed to delight her.
He rubbed his face. “Yeah, I am. I’m sorry.”
Her face inched closer until her nose skimmed along his cheek, following the trail of her fingers earlier. “I like scruff,” she whispered, then she nipped his earlobe before she slowly drew back. His arms tightened in reflex; he didn’t want to let her go. She chuckled. An open perusal of his face, her eyes twinkled and her smile, oh her smile. Sweet. Inviting. He splayed his hand between her shoulder blades, wishing the coat to be gone. There was warm, naked skin hiding underneath. He wanted to feel it. Her hands found their way onto his chest, slid upwards, over his collarbones until her arms crossed lightly behind his neck. Her glance dropped to his mouth, then wandered over his face until she met his eyes. Anticipation became unbearable. He moved in, grazing her neck until he found the spot behind her ear where the fragrance of her delicate skin was strongest. Fresh and spicy. Oranges and Basil. Intoxicating. Her arms tightened around him, and as he left the heavenly scented spot to look up into her face, she leant in and brushed her lips against his cheek. Her voice dropped to a husky whisper. “I think we still have some unfinished business with each other…”
He laughed softly. “Yeah, I remember we got interrupted at a most unfortunate moment.”
Her throaty, breathy giggle was a call his body responded to. As he dipped his head, he felt her fingers on his nape, guiding him towards her. He followed willingly. The tip of her nose brushed along his as she tilted her head and then, finally, lips touched. His knees almost buckled as a wave of want, need and bliss overpowered him. His nose pressed into her cheek, and her warm, yielding lips tasted of cherry lipstick. She lingered, but far too briefly to discover more intimate secrets.
“You know how to kiss a girl good night.” Her voice was black lace on dewy skin.
“Do I?” He croaked. She laughed. He was drunk. Drunk on the girl with gold-speckled eyes, who knew how to fly jets and race cars and danced like a princess. Drunk on the woman who smelled of oranges and basil and kissed like an angel. His knees were not to be trusted. She gave him another quick kiss full on the mouth, then she stepped out of his arms and vanished through the door. Rendered immobile, he had to stand and watch the door shut behind her, his fingers on his tingling lips where hers had touched his. He staggered back to the car, sank into the seat and stared blindly ahead. There still was a trace of cherry on his lips. A glance in the mirror showed him Adelie’s smeared lipstick and confirmed that he wore the silliest grin.

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