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The Marmoset, Part 4 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 35)

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In which Jake plays an unfortunate part.

Jake ushered his lady towards their turn on the dance floor almost as soon as they got back. Nate didn’t mind having Adelie for himself a little longer. She sat next to him and watched the dancing couples, one hand supporting her chin, the other resting on his thigh. He reached out and traced a finger over her beautiful pale back, dewy with transpiration from dancing herself.
“Hey.” She turned towards him and nestled into his opened arm. “What’s up?” Her eyes were almost black in the dim light of the lamp hanging over their table.
“Nothing. You look a million credits tonight… it’s hard to resist not touching you.”
A throaty laugh. “Thank you.”
“Are you having fun?”
She nodded, “Yes! Beautiful venue, great music, great drinks, and very agreeable company.”
“Agreeable? Just agreeable?” He poked her shoulder, and she giggled happily, shifting even closer.
“You’re right. Agreeable doesn’t quite encompass all your amazing qualities.” Her hand moved over his chest, then a finger lightly brushed the skin over his shirt collar. She softly cooed, and he answered her with tightening his arms around her. Adelie smelled amazing, somewhat sweet and spicy, and he couldn’t help but nuzzle the delicate skin behind her ear. Her breath travelled slowly across his cheek as she looked into his eyes. Their gazes locked and Adelie’s luscious lips pursed into a sexy smile. He stroked her neck with the back of his fingers, hoping that the others wouldn’t return too soon. Her voice was merely a whisper. “Enticing.”
He blinked, his brain frantically backtracking the conversation. “What?”
Her hand pushed through his hair, and she deliberately contemplated his face. “You are.”
He got lost in her eyes, instinctively moving in. She angled her head. Breath mingled. Her hand caressed the back of his neck, and her eyes were drifting shut as he closed the small distance between them.
“Here we are again.” Jake’s voice. Chairs scraped over the wooden floor. Adelie stiffened in his arms and drew away. Dammit.
Adelie wasn’t sure if she wanted to strangle or kiss Jake for killing the moment. Her heart raced, and her palms were suddenly sweaty. They had been so close to changing their relationship irreversible. Their hands had found each other under the table again, fingers caressing fingers, even though he was engaged in a conversation with Jake and Rosalie. Something about an upcoming rugby match. She looked at the joined hands. Hers pale, his tanned, resting on his thigh. Perfectly fitting each other. She liked the look of them together, and she loved how his caress felt on her skin. Her thoughts wandered back to the last time she’d been holding hands with someone. How different her feelings had been then, an innocent rush of euphoric madness. Now it was a disconcerting mix of confusion and need. Determined she swallowed the past heartache. Nate wasn’t Christopher. Nate let actions follow his lovely words. She tugged at his arm. “Hey, how about more dancing?”
She danced a lot – with Nate, but also with Jake. They discovered the magic of rhubarb fizz, a pink concoction which thankfully didn’t contain any alcohol, or there’d been a hell of a hangover waiting for her in the morning. It was good, oh so good. She had fun, and she nearly pouted as Nate finally suggested that it was time to go home. It must have rained while they’d been inside, as the pavement shimmered wetly in the light of the lamps. Their steps echoed in the quiet backstreets where Nate had parked the car. To her surprise, he slid his arm around her shoulders. She put her arm around him too, for warmth and because she wanted to be close to him. Arm in arm they walked along the dark street, but Adelie felt safe and sheltered with him at her side. All too soon they reached the little Speedster.
“Here we are.” Nate opened the door for her.
“Always the gentleman.” She stepped into the car, and he propped his arm on the frame.
“You deserve nothing less than a gentleman.”
She shook her head and tugged at his jacket. “Well, the last one turned out to be a barrel burst… I think I’m done with gentlemen.”
He laughed and drew back. “Lucky that I’m just a low-level working class kid with manners then.”
He closed the door and walked around the car. After he’d settled in his seat and was about to start the engine, he looked at her and said: “I don’t know anybody who says idiot as lovingly as you do.”
They shared a smile while hands found hands again.

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