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The Marmoset, Part 3 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 34)

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Things get finally to the sizzle point…

Nate wondered if he’d finally met a woman too hot to handle. Adelie was not only breathtakingly beautiful and dressed to the nines, but she also was not evading him in any way. He was failing spectacularly at keeping his hands to himself, and she apparently had no interest in telling him he should stop. Their bodies had a conversation of their own, and there was a chance it became anything but civil soon. He needed to get her on the dance floor. He needed to be alone with her. He gave Jake an asking glance. Good wingman that he was, he just smiled and nodded him a go ahead, then focused again on his own woman.
Nate leant close to Adelie, whispering in her ear: “Do you want to test the dance floor?”
She turned her head and whispered back, her lips tantalisingly close to his skin: “I’d love to.”
“Well then, let’s go.”
He stood and helped her up, not letting go of her hand once he had acquired possession of it. The band was playing a fast set of swing music, which was just fitting for finding their groove together without needing to do a lot of talking. It took a few fumbling steps to learn each other’s body cues and they were able to enjoy the dancing. Adelie was a skilled partner and the most fun he had in a long time. She allowed him to spin and twist and dip her to his heart’s content, and he took full advantage of it, stopping her now and then against his body. Her eyes sparkled, her smile was wide and more than once she threw her head back with delighted laughter.
Then the bandleader took the microphone. “Gentlemen, this is the moment to pull your ladies close – the next few songs are for the love birds.”
Nate felt Adelie hesitating and pulling off into the direction of their table. He pulled her back.
“Now where do you want to go?”
“I didn’t know we classified as love birds.” She gave him a lascivious smile. His knees got weak.
“If you keep smiling at me like this, I guarantee nothing…” He growled, and she snickered.
“Oh, really? Do I need to worry?” She flashed another one of her smiles, but then thankfully the music started, a deliciously slow waltz. He took her into his arms, and she just melted against him like a good dance partner would, handing herself over to him and the music. Her movements were fluid and graceful as those of a ballerina, and he felt like he was dancing with a princess. Adelie had her head tilted a bit to the side, a serene smile on her lips.
“You like this,” he stated, and she nodded.
“Waltzes are my favourite dances. Especially slow waltzes, although fast ones are fun too. But only slow ones give you the feeling that you’re gliding, weightlessly.”
“So why did you want to leave?”
“I wasn’t sure if this would be appropriate.” She touched her cheek to his, and he nearly got out of step. “But I admit, missing slow dancing with you would’ve been a mistake.” Her breath was a warm draft along his ear and neck, and it caused hot flushes racing down his back. She was as proficient as he was in the game of seduction, he realised. Unlike him, she just never had used her arsenal of female weaponry before – until now. And his defences were down, oh so down.
Adelie was high on dancing. Their bodies were frequently touching, in appropriate and sometimes even not so appropriate places and it was glorious and terrifying at the same time. Nate was an amazing dancer, but the way their bodies moved in sync had nothing to do with their respective skills and all with the fact that she could guess his next move as well as he could guess hers. The result wrapped her in a dreamlike state, a bubble of music and movement and touch. She tipped her head back to look at his face, which was always half in shadows due to the dim, intimate light. Those eyes. Royal blue in the almost darkness, burning with concealed mischief. It tickled her thirst for adventure. Adventures with him surely were of the memorable kind. Something shifted between them, and it made her heart skip a beat and her breath hitch. She freed her hand from his and cupped his face, her thumb brushing tenderly over his cheek. With a sigh, he wrapped both arms around her, pressing her tightly against him while they moved like a single body to the slow rhythm. Adelie had never felt so light before. Yes, he had his hands all over her body, and yes, that was where she wanted them to be. Because she had hers around his neck and in his hair, her cheek against his and his breath was wafting over her skin. She wanted to stay in this moment forever.
“This is nice.” His voice was a gravelly rumble, and she believed she heard a tremble in it.
“It is. Very nice.”
His thumb brushed over her bare back, and she shivered due to the intimacy of his touch. She stroked his nape, the smooth, soft skin right above the collar of his shirt, feeling him shiver in return. Nice was not an apt description. Enchanting? His hands shifted on her body, and she abandoned the train of thought. They spent the rest of the set in comfortable silence, letting their bodies do the talking.
As they eventually left the dance floor, she grabbed his arm and brought him to a stop before they reached their table.
With a smile, he turned. “Why? Do you want to do another set?”
Grinning, she shook her head. “No.” She stepped close, and he put his hands on her hips. “But you look like a little, uh, dishevelled?” Her heart skipped two beats as she reached up and smoothed his hair back into order, eliminating the traces her fingers had left in it.
“Thank you.” He caught her hand on the way down and breathed a soft kiss on its back. “To my utter dismay, I can report that you still look absolutely flawless. Guess I need to put in more effort the next round.”
She wound her arm around his waist as they resumed their way. “Try as much as you like… I use professional grade hairspray.”
He pinched her bottom. “You’re sassy today.”
She returned the favour. “You like sassy.”

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