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The Marmoset, Part 2 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 33)

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More fluttery butterflies in Adelie’s stomach.

Adelie watched him steering the little sports car calmly and confidently. It was obvious that Nate enjoyed driving it, but he wasn’t a show off driver, a quality she esteemed greatly. They weren’t talking, but the silence wasn’t uncomfortable. Now and then, he quickly looked over, their eyes met, and he smiled. At a red light, he fitted his hand over hers resting on the middle console, threading his fingers through hers, thumb brushing along her index finger.
“Do you like dancing?” He asked.
She caught his thumb with hers. “Actually, I do. Do you dance?”
He smiled happily at her. “I love it.”
Fingers tightened around fingers in happy anticipation. Then the light turned green, and he had to let go of her hand.
Nate found a place to park the car quite close to the venue, so they only had to walk a short distance. In front of the club, they met up with Jake and his date, a curvy girl named Rosalie. Together they entered the club. The first word that came to Adelie’s mind about the Marmoset was ‘intimate’. Dark wood panels lined the walls; the tables were tucked between giant ferns, illuminated by low-hanging lamps. There were a small dance floor and an actual live band. A few couples were moving to the soft tunes. As Adelie handed over her coat to the cloakroom charge, Nate whistled slowly.
“That’s a step up, ah, what am I saying, that’s a giant leap from those flight suits.”
Adelie chuckled and turned around, to find him in a state of shock. He blinked at her twice, staring helplessly. The way his glance wandered slowly over her legs and her dress, how it lingered briefly on her lips until he finally made it up to her eyes, released another swarm of fluttery butterflies. A grin then slowly spread over his face.
“That’s the dress. The dress in the window when we walked to the soda shop.”
She twirled around, making the dress skirt flare up. “Do you like it?”
He caught her around the waist mid-twirl and pulled her abruptly closer. It was a secure grip, a dancer’s grip. Suddenly breathless she looked into his blue eyes, which naturally brimmed with mischief. And want. She swallowed.
“Like it? I love it. And you and I – we’re so going to dance tonight.” His voice was a low, sexy growl, and it made a shiver of excitement run down her back. Oh yes, dancing.
“Come on you two; I’m thirsty.” She’d forgotten they were not alone. How could she forget Jake and Rosalie? Nate put his arm around her waist and followed his friend and his date further into the belly of the club. For a once, she was glad for the male urge to demonstrate ownership, because her knees were not functioning as they should. Nate’s strong arm provided welcome stability. Jake had located a table near the dance floor, which also had an excellent view over the rest of the club. Across the dance floor, she spotted an impressive bar. Glass shelves were illuminated with cleverly hidden lights, causing the liquor bottles to look like pieces of art. It was impossible to take in everything around her, as Nate seemed to be unwilling or unable to keep himself from touching her. He had sat down next to her on the deep leather sofa, his arm around the backrest. Either his knee was leaning against hers, or his hand rested on her shoulder, playing not so absentmindedly with the strap of the dress. If neither were happening, he’d found an excuse to take her hand. Leslie had been right, this time. She didn’t mind. No, she absolutely didn’t mind that Nathan Havisham was invading her personal space because it meant that she was invading his also. She was taking full advantage of having the opportunity to lean against his warm body ever so slightly, a reason to place her hand on his thigh or to lace her fingers through his. His proximity made her positively tipsy, and just to keep herself from doing something stupid, she decided that she’d better stick to the non-alcoholic beverages on the menu.

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