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The Week in Review, 6.11.2016

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Man, getting into the blogging groove again after such a long time is HARD. Besides, with the clocks going back an hour last Sunday, I felt not quite myself all week and the addition of a puplic holiday on Tuesday just added to the confusion.

The weather around here is gearing up for winter, yesterday was especially horrible with all day rain. The less than stellar weather wasn’t keeping me from digging in dirt and (re)potting a lot of plants to make their survival in the coming season of darkness more likely. I also put my cacti and succulents that aren’t frost hardy into the basement for the first time, which makes me sort of queasy. Not because I think they don’t like the cooler place (1) but I fear I will completely forget them and they’ll die. I’m keeping track of all the plants and the spots they’re in during winter in my bullet journal (2) and will do a review in spring how everybody did. I’m also doing an experiment at the (notoriously) dark office: I bought a 10€ LED reading light (3) to brighten up the day of my current desk dwellers: A sempervivum, a tiny aloe and an euphorbia.

I’ll keep you posted in regular intervalls on how this experiment is going. I’ll call it a success if they haven’t grown towards the window in three months. And if they’ve grown at all.

After a lot of thinking back and forth I finally decided to publish Beginnings (4) as it is. There are still parts that would profit from a do-over, but if I’ll start fiddling with it again, I’d end up ripping it apart for a second time, and it would take a year to put it back together again. So I’m saving the ideas, that I technically could put in there, for a second part. I also decided that I’ll publish it in increments here. That makes it harder for those pesky pirates and stupid crawlers to steal it. And I have a blog post ready every week. Win-win! I’m itching to go back to writing, but it has to wait until January. There are some things on my To do List that need attention too, and I now know what a devastating effect writing has on my ability to focus on anything else, so I try to do these first. And honestly, with working full-time, it takes a lot of discipline to get up early and write every morning. I have no clue how I managed to do it for two years, but I right now, I’m all in for an extra hour of sleep.

Okay, that’s it from me for today. Have a great start into the week, y’all!

(1) Significantly cooler than their usual hiding spot: the bathroom.
(2) Another reason to love this system.
(3) I needed something that could be powered via USB, as we don’t have any free power plugs left. Hence a cheap-o reading light.
(4) It will get a new title, though. I’m seeing a lot more stories that could take place at Westerhaven Space Force Academy and in Meadow Junction, and there are some minor characters like Eddy the mechanic that I love but who I can’t carry over into space adventures, so it’ll need something that would work as a serial.

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