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Despite my best intentions, “Beginnings” is turning into a book. The stories are much more connected than I had planned, there’s suddenly a handful of side-characters and sub-plots, and all of this leads to much more words. Even after cleaning up some discarded stories, I’m still knocking heavily at the 20.000 words door. Novella territory. And I’m not even sure if this enough… “New Cat in Town” could very well hit 4000 or more, “Sick Adelie” could get 3000 words strong, the “Simulator” isn’t even started yet… I hope this rollercoaster stops before I’m at 50.000 words. ­čśë

The usual sneak peek to keep you all excited, in all its unedited glory – a snippet of “Drunken Nights of Debauchery”:

“I guess that’s it. Thank you for everything. Your care, your shower, the breakfast…” Again his expression was shadowed with mortification. He stood in front of her, pushing his hands into his pockets and stared at her with burning blue eyes.
“Do you feel better?” Her voice was brittle.
“Yes, thanks to your pan wielding prowess, I do.” He took a step closer, and cleared his throat. “It might be a step too far, but… I like spending time with you. I’d like to spend more time with you, in a less accidental fashion.”
Adelie fought hard and managed to suppress a smile, instead she crossed her arms in front of her chest and raised a questioning eyebrow. “Are you trying to ask for my number?”
Relief softened his anxious features. “Uh, I guess?” He rubbed his neck, flashing her an impish smile. “If I had it, I wouldn’t need to do something stupid in order for you to save me.”

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