28/12/2014 um 16:29

new year’s resolutions

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A dangerous topic to blog about, but I do it anyway. I’ve some silly and some not so silly plans, and I wouldn’t mind if people would hold me accountable to actually follow through with them.

1. Grow my hair past my tailbone
This one is fairly easy to accomplish, because it only means that I simply don’t cut my hair and put it up and away as often as I can. Why? Because I can.

2. Publish 6 Short Stories
This one is a tad bit more ambitious. Especially as the stressful time with the Meeting of Doom is just around the corner. But I figure with the Apples of Eden not being done for quite some more time, I better write other, shorter stuff from this universe to get you all addicted. 😛

3. Finish the Apples of Eden
Fairly self-explanatory. And hard. I’m not good in finishing stuff.

4. Master the Art of the Selfie
I have the growing suspicion that my iPhone camera doesn’t like me. In my on-going quest to beat my perfectionism I thus declare 2015 the year I learn how to take lots of selfies and overcome my fear of looking stoooopid.

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