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the week in review, 13.09.2014

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Word Count: 48.040

Confession time: I’m not writing as much as I like to, and even worse, I keep deleting stuff, which is not helping on the word count front. The good thing about this: My place doesn’t look like a dystopian frathouse anymore, I’m giving my body the nutrition that it needs and I act more like a responsible adult on top of having a very stressful time at my dayjob.

Also, I’m dipping my toes very carefully into yoga. Veeeeery carefully. I’m still afraid this is going to turn me into an elightened esoteric version of a crazy cat lady. There’s no denying though that sitting on a chair the whole day is taking its toll on my body, so I better get moving. I also like challenges and trying to get my body into twisted poses is right up my alley.

It’s kind of ironic that a lot of writers online complain about writer’s block (which in my holy opinion is just a side effect of bad plotting) while I have the opposite problem: I want to write all the time and in consequence procrastinate on everything else. Which is not a good habit to have. Balance is everything, that goes for yoga as well as writing. Something else is true though: Writing is easier when your mind is at ease. I wasn’t at ease with my life anymore and switched things up, so now writing can settle back in too. It’s now such an integral part of me that I’m sure I’ll not stop doing it alltogether just because I’m not doing it every free minute of my waking day.

I very much hope I find the time to edit a short story with Nate and Adelie over the weekend, so that I can publish it, because the next part of Chapter One will be delayed. It’s from their cadet days and full of summer and motorcycles and picnics at the beach, and basically just cute and sweet.

Tell me, how was your week, friend? Did life treat you kindly?

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