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Books of 2014: #2 Playing for Love at Deep Haven, Katy Regnery

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So, the true first book of this year, which I somehow couldn’t finish. But now I have. To be fair, I think the book and I have met at the wrong time, which perfectly fits with its theme of second chances. I’m usually no romance reader, but for whatever reason, I read a lot of that stuff lately, and as Playing for Love at Deep Haven came along, it was like as if I’d eaten too much sweets.

Although it actually is a very nice story, and I think in comparison to By Proxy, Katy’s first book, it definitely wins. The relationship between Zach the hard rocker and Violet the poet has more layers and is not only deeper, but also more believable than Sam and Jenny’s. Zach and Violet have a shared history. Second chances, you know. Katy is a top-notch romance writer, and she certainly knows how to pen inner turmoil to the page. Her kisses are to die for. Her characters ring true, they live and breathe on the page.

But there’s a thing I had trouble with.

Other than By Proxy, Playing for Love features not only sweet kisses, but also sex. Lot’s of it. And I really don’t mind sex in books. Katy has taste, and she writes intercourse as well as she writes kissing. The problem for me was, that there was a bit too much of the bedroom shenanigans for me. Sex ate plot. For me at least.

Speaking of plot, it was a teensy bit forseeable what would happen. Not that so much happens in contemporary romances anyway, I mean, you have the meeting of the hero and the heroine, sparks fly, they kiss/fuck, navigate some minor disturbances, kiss/fuck some more, then you have the big bad black moment where all falls apart, you gnaw your fingernails until, tadah, there is a happy end. Yes, I’ve read a lot of this stuff lately, as I said, and being a former student of literature, structural similarities don’t escape me.

I think it will take some time until I pick up another romance book. I need a bit more plot. Some antagonists besides inner insecurities. A bit more action.

If you need a scorching hot rocker in your fictional boyfriend collection, Zach has you covered. If you need a nice romantic read for the weekend, this book is the right one for you. If you need a bit more plot than two people trapped in a beautiful house, go look somewhere else.

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