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Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Yesterday, I upgraded my little corner of the Internet. Under the hood at least. New server, twice the space and all for the same amount of money I spent before (1). Finally , I can install and uninstall plugins and themes from within WordPress, without the detour through a FTP client. This sounds rather unimportant, but if you are low on time, little things like that suddenly matter. Besides, with the new Gutenberg editor, there are a lot of new things to try.

Many people do not like the new editor but I love it. Finally, I can do all the things I never had the time to understand code wise. It’s inspiring. I do find my way around a php file, I have an understanding of HTML and CSS, but things have gotten so complicated, that writing your own stuff requires a lot more knowledge than I have time to learn. So yay for people who make my life easier.

Now I only need to figure out what to do with a whopping 100GB of webspace. Time to curate beautiful photo galleries. Show off my art. Oh, and write blog posts. Lots of blog posts.

(1) Unpaid advertisement for my service provider Host Europe who are reliable, reasonably priced and had this upgrade/switch done in not even half an hour. Without a hitch.

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