Ch.02 - Picnic by the Pond

Ep.05 – Rosemary Limeade

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The next time she saw him was entirely by chance. Adelie entered the little diner near the airfield, and there he was, standing behind the counter, washing up some glasses. The Lemon Tree was a classic diner, with a black and white checkered floor, chrome accents around the table edges and red faux-leather benches. The wall behind the counter was covered with shelves filled with glasses and cups. Through large windows, sunlight poured in over the tables. Nate looked up[…]

Ep.06 – The indifferent Princess

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The men’s locker room of the airbase gym was stuffy with its usual stench, a weird mix of sweat, shower gel and too much testosterone. Nate welcomed this gut-churning odour today, and he nearly craved it. He hoped it would take his mind off a pair of brown eyes, lips pursed in a superior smile and a warm, mellow voice. “You look like you’re ready to bench two-twenty today. What’s gotten under your skin? Trouble with Payne?” Jake leant against[…]

Ep.07 – A magical place

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The sun painted glowing rectangles on the wooden floors of the library. Nate’s eyes were riveted to how the chestnut of Adelie’s hair suddenly had threads of gold woven in. “You’re staring again.” Her voice had lost her sting as if she’d gotten used to his gaze. Like she’d gotten used to him showing up every Thursday in this room, taking the place opposite from her and studying in silence. “Your hair shimmered lovely in the light.” The remark won[…]

Ep.08 – A discovery of apple cake

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Nate hunted for his pen hiding in some parallel universe or crevice deep inside his backpack to distract himself from the fact that Adelie sat so close to him that their elbows brushed against each other. Instead of his pen, he found a box full of apple cake. “Oh, I totally forgot I packed cake this morning.” “You carry around a box of cake, and you forget about it? I have a very hard time believing that.” Her face lightened[…]

Ep.09 – Race cars and other surprises

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How they’d left casual conversation and made it to the nitty-gritty of personal preferences was beyond Adelie. His gaze drifted from her to the pond to the bushes and back to her. He rubbed the back of his neck, hunting for words. Then he cleared his throat. “She needs to be a home.” The way his jaw ticked told her that he probably got once hurt as much as she did. Interesting. His face brightened again. “Liking my cake is[…]

Ep.10 – Search and Rescue Practice

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The nonchalant way with which she offered that information silenced him. Nate needed a moment to digest it, so he simply watched how she skilfully formed irregular blotches of colour into a beautiful picture. Of course, he knew she was a baroness and he sort of suspected that she had money – but the glimpse into her former life made it deducible that there was a lot of money. Racing was an expensive hobby, everywhere. She was so far out[…]

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