Ch.08 - Movie Night

Ep.37 – Second thoughts

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Adelie met with Leslie on Sunday afternoon to go for a run in the little nearby park, like they did every week. It had rained in the morning, and there were a lot of puddles on the paths, splashing up high when they ran through them. The first laps were usually spent in silence until they’d found their rhythm, but Adelie guessed from Leslie’s impatient side glances that she was dying to know what had happened at the Marmoset the[…]

Ep.38 – Treachery waters

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Adelie’s heart sped up, and her palms became sweaty as she spotted the familiar baby blue, banged up workshop truck in front of her house. She hadn’t seen Nate all week since their date, but he had made up for his crazy schedule by writing text messages every day, sending her pictures of himself buried in books. But now it was Friday, and even sleet falling from the skies couldn’t dampen her spirits. He’d suggested a movie night but after[…]

Ep.39 – Bad weather

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Adelie had yearned for his touch, for his warm body aligned with hers, for being firmly held in his arms. Her hands stroked his magnificent shoulders, and his thumb was brushing her cheek. The surroundings vanished, there was only Nate. Nate and his yielding lips and his hands in her hair. He was the only stable thing in an exceedingly faster-spinning world, his kiss soothing her aching. Only as a piercing scream broke her concentration, she remembered the still running[…]

Ep.40 – Conundrum

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Adelie shrugged off her coat. Nate caught it and hung it up, then turned back towards her. Instinctively she stepped closer, and he took her into his arms. In the chilly air of the hallway, he was warm and cosy. One hand slipped up her back and settled on her nape, fingers digging into her hair. “Why are you upset?” He whispered. She sighed. “I’m not upset… I’m… not used to this yet? I wanted to take things slow. Enjoy[…]

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