Ch.05 - A Matter of Honour

Ep.21 – Combatants

Adelie stepped out of the airbase administration building into a velvet summer night. A yellow moon hung in the ink blue sky and the amber runway edge lights glowed below like giant fireflies. A faint breeze ruffled her petticoat as it brushed against her bare legs. From the other side of the airfield merry laughter wafted over, the Officer’s Club[…]

Ep.22 – Unexpected rewards

Nate sat on Adelie’s love seat and tried very hard to not get mesmerised by her beautiful face as she cleaned battle marks from his face. Long, curved lashes contrasted with translucent, rosy cheeks. Faint freckles sprinkled the tip of her nose. The plump pillows of her lips invited to bestow fervent kisses on them and not even the harsh[…]

Ep.23 – Under pressure

Adelie felt him tense up under her hand. Awareness trickled in, the fact that they were, and there was no other way to put it, cuddling. Slowly she eased away from him. Nate gave her free without protest, his arm moving to the backrest of the love seat. “Sorry… I’m not ready… yet.” She fumbled for a cover up, but[…]

Ep.24 – A new challenge

“He can’t be serious!” “That’s a bad joke!” “Why’s he doing this to us?” “I don’t want to fly with this guy, I don’t even know him!” Adelie listened to her unhappy classmates as the two squadrons trickled out of the assembly hall. Major Payne had just announced a wing exercise, grouping every cadet with their sister squadron counterpart according[…]

Ep.25 – The art of teamwork

The bubble canopy hissed open, and a waft of fresh air promised stable ground. With weak knees and a queasy stomach, Nate climbed out of the Stingray. Adelie followed suit and he already had a quip on his tongue about the wildest rollercoaster ride he’d ever been to, as she dropped her helmet and bowed over the front wheel of[…]

Ep.26 – The blush button

“How do you manage to keep a straight face through all of the abuse?” Nate sounded worried, and as Adelie looked up, she found a new warmth in his eyes. He’d driven her up to Bunker Hill again, this time in the truck and with a picnic basket, and they had made themselves comfortable in the truck bed, enjoying the[…]

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