Ch.03 - Laundry and Lemonade

Ep.11 – Surprise Visit

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Adelie curled up on her love seat and poured herself another cup of tea. Her foot complained about a day of hobbling around campus, and she was firmly set on not moving anymore this night. Outside a light summer rain made the leaves on the trees shiny. Adelie snuggled deeper into a hoodie that wasn’t hers. It belonged to a man she barely knew, and it smelled of him. The musk of his aftershave, traces of motor oil and the[…]

Ep.12 – Scoring a date

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Adelie’s place was as very white and very elegant. A generous front of floor-length windows allowed for ample light to come in, even on a grey evening like this. She had a cosy looking love seat, and two armchairs arranged around a coffee table in front of the windows. There was a pot of tea on a warmer, and candles sitting in tall lanterns. Opposite of all this stood a large white bed, her desk, and a tall bookshelf. She[…]

Ep.13 – At the soda shop

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Having him right in front of her, without anything else to concentrate on, made it hard to look away. He had taken off his jacket, and his snuggly fitting t-shirt showed off his biceps to their best advantage. No wonder he had an easy time carrying her up that darn slope. The thought alone made her feel warm. “You’re staring.” He had the guts to use her own words, to even tease her with them. She grinned, looking up into[…]

Ep.14 – A reason to get away

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“Is that what you liked about racing too?” Nate asked as their food arrived. With glee, he noticed how delighted she appeared to be about her lemon meringue pie. “Getting into racing was a lot about freedom too, but not so much the high-velocity variety. It gave me a reason to get away.” He put down his fork which he had raised to attack his double chocolate fudge cake. “Get away from what?” Adelie sighed. “The norms. The conventions. The[…]

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