Ch.04 - The Green Fairy

Ep.15 – Parachute

Adelie’s professional face rarely showed emotion besides a polite smile. Now a deep crease sat between her brows and her mouth was a thin, hard line as she entered the Officer’s Club. Nate excused himself from his flight mates and walked over to where she stood at the bar, ordering something to drink. “What’s up, Spitfire?” “Nothing.” She grumbled, but[…]

Ep.16 – Reality check

Adelie was grateful for the ever-present wind on the airfield, blowing straight into her face. Her eyes stung with anger and tears just waiting to well over. She mustn’t cry now. Absolutely not, under no circumstances. She pressed her palms against her heated cheeks, taking a deep breath. Easy. Inhale. Exhale. Calm down. “Adelie? Are you okay?” Nate’s warm, compassionate[…]

Ep.17 – A motorcycle ride

His blue eyes did things to her, especially when they lit up like they did now. He stood there, going from apologetic to mischievous in the blink of an eye, and all Adelie could think of was that his set of broad shoulders would be perfect to cry on. He moved closer as if he’d knew where her thoughts were[…]

Ep.18 – The past interferes with the present

Fact was, Adelie liked being with him and she wouldn’t mind using possessives. It had been a while, and she missed the warm feeling of belonging to someone. The bitter taste of Christopher’s betrayal warned her that Nate’s words could be just that: Words without meaning. “What are you thinking about?” He asked, turning his head to look at her.[…]

Ep.19 – First aid

The way Adelie nodded and pressed her lips together took away any flirty mood he’d entertained. She took a deep breath, her hand wiping her cheek. Christ, if she was still crying because of that guy, it must’ve been a hell of a story. Her pain went deep. He moved close and touched her arm. She turned, completely undone, and[…]

Ep.20 – Medical convoy

His suggestion caused heat to flush Adelie’s chest. He stood in front of her, looking like he was about to actually kiss her. Like during their pond picnic, they had made it into difficult emotional terrain again. Dangerous, difficult terrain. His hugs had been wonderful, he was using possessives and all of this was rather disconcerting. He was not to[…]

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