Ch.09 - Getting used to it

Ep.41 – Lunch break

Adelie stepped out of the library. A cold gust of wind forced her to adjust her scarf and trundled yellow leaves over the steps. The sky was a bright, autumnal blue and she looked forward to catching some sun rays with Nate during their lunch break. She found him leaning against one of the pillars in front of the entrance,[…]

Ep.42 – Breach of privacy

His stomach constricted with icy fear. Was she having second thoughts about them? He scrambled to his feet, fishing for his boots. “Gimme ten minutes, I’ll be right over.” “Okay. And Tiger, please… drive carefully.” “I will.” Tiger. He stared befuddled at the device. If she wanted to end their relationship calling him by a pet name for the first[…]

Ep.43 – Communication skills

“Sheesh, he has balls. This is my territory.” Nate grumbled under his breath as he saw Bukowski and a cute brunette enter the Lemon Tree. Adelie placed her hand on his arm. “Stop being silly. You only work here.” “Luckily, not today. Otherwise, I’d even have to serve him.” She sniggered. “He seems to be able to work his crooked[…]

Ep.44 – Prime fools

Nate strode along Adelie’s street with hurried steps, brandishing the biggest rose bouquet his budget had allowed. He had acted like a prime fool, and he sincerely hoped she would forgive him his lapse. There was her house. He took two steps at once, barely able to endure another minute without apologising. He pressed the bell button. It took a[…]

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