Ch.01 - Friendly Fire

Ep.01 – The Girl in the Plane

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The summer sky was a limitless blue expanse and the sun a gleam on the metal nose of the Stingray. Perfect flying conditions. Acceleration pressed Adelie into her seat, and only a thin brown line on her left reminded her of Westerhaven Academy. She scanned the blue until she spotted the little black dot moving towards her. The cadets of Squadrons Albatross Alpha and Omega were pitched against each other in a bout of one against one, and Nate “English”[…]

Ep.02 – The Van

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Warm air rose from the stone steps leading to the entrance of the Faculty for Tactical Aeronautics. It wafted over her bare legs as Adelie left after a long and busy morning in one of the library’s reading rooms. After the quiet inside, the noise of campus life engulfed her like the surf of the sea, as she headed into the direction of the cafeteria. Groups of students sat on the lawns in front of mighty red brick houses, enjoying[…]

Ep.03 – Baroness

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The cafeteria was almost empty and pleasantly cool. They found a table in the back, and Nate went to the counter to get their drinks, ignoring her protests. Her knee must hurt, and he wasn’t going to see her hobbling around the tables. They both could use something with lots of sugar, so he opted for two lemonades. “One elderberry lemonade coming up.” He placed the glass with the sparkling beverage in front of her, getting a broad smile in[…]

Ep.04 – At the Library

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The library was the oldest building on campus. It sat in the middle of everything, surrounded by old oak trees and lush lawns scattered with rose bushes. Stone steps led up to a pillar-framed entrance, which gave the whole building the touch of a Greek temple. Nate couldn’t stop thinking about Adelie, and he needed to see her again. “Are you sure you’ve got the right place?” Jake asked, sitting on the steps and squinting because of the sun. Nate[…]

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