Ch.10 - Crossing the line

Ep.45 – Endurance training

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Rain dripped down into the narrow gap between her helmet and the armour plates. It smudged the sight of the visor and soaked her overall. Adelie crouched behind a fallen giant of the forest, gripped her XTC-24 submachine gun and tried to find a footing in the slippery mud. “There are two of them behind that boulder at two. Static. Lined up nicely. Three shots each.” Nate’s voice crackled in her earpiece. She had no idea why Payne liked to[…]

Ep.46 – Unplanned bath

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“Are you hit?” “Nope, but narrowly so. Do you see it? Is it mobile?” “Don’t move. Ah, yeah, I see it. It’s at ten o’clock, and static. But you need to take it out, I don’t have a clear aim.” “Great.” She peeked around the corner again to check on the position of her mechanical adversary, waving a stick to trigger the laser sensor. Another spurt fired. “Ah, there you are. Well, not for much longer. You ready, Nate?” “Yes.”[…]

Ep.47 – New traditions

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Compared to the bare bone endurance course facilities, Adelie’s small bathroom was the epitome of luxury and girlishness. There was an impressive collection of bubble baths on a shelf, with a pile of fluffy white towels underneath. In front of a tiny window throned a pink orchid. Around her sink stood white porcelain crates filled with make-up and creams and whatever else women put on their faces. Everything was white and gleamed welcomingly in the ceiling light. He dove deeper[…]

Ep.48 – Pillow fight

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The candles in tall lanterns in front of the window bathed the room in a soft light. Rain still scattered against the windows, but they were both dry, clean and fed inside, sprawled on her big white bed. As much fun it was to race through the forest and shot robots with him, this was much better. Adelie ran her fingers through the short hair in Nate’s nape, enjoying the bristle of it against her skin. A happy sigh as[…]

Ep.49 – Simple joys

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Wisps of fog floated like ghosts in the beams of the floodlights around the rugby field. An unmistakably wintery chill hung in the air, and Nate was glad as the coach’s final whistle opened up the prospect of a hot shower. Twenty-two steaming bodies plodded towards the changing room and showers. “Hey, Natey-boy!” Jake caught up with him. “Man, coach was mean today, I’m not sure I will be able to walk tomorrow.” “Don’t be such a ninny! Bootcamp was[…]

Ep.50 – Bedroom shenanigans

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Adelie parked the truck in the barn next to the curvy forms of the Chieftain. Gravel crunched under their steps as they met behind it. She slipped her hand into Nate’s. “It’s going to be freezing tonight,” she said, her breath forming white clouds. “Yeah, winter is just around the corner. Time to snuggle up inside.” Nate let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulder instead, swiftly kissing her cheek. A whiff of his delicious cologne,[…]

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