Ch.06 - Calibrations

Ep.27 – Scones on the porch

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Rain fell in a steady rush. It gargled from the spout of the gutter, and it splattered into the puddles in the yard. It was still warm enough to leave the garage doors open, but it was clear that the violet and orange asters behind the garden fence were summer’s last hurrah. Soon Nate would need to close the doors and fire up the old cast iron stove. He turned his attention from the dripping bushes to the woman sitting[…]

Ep.28 – Decisions over paint chips and matters of the heart

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Holding her, even just as loosely as Nate was holding her now, was the best thing in the world. Adelie had installed herself in his life in a way he’d never imagined as he’d opened the door to let her in. Her smiles, her conversation, even her teasing – there was something profoundly missing when she wasn’t there. The colours were brighter when she was around, with her travel sized watercolour kit and her determination to capture happy memories. “Why[…]

Ep.29 – Broken hearts

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He felt her taking a deep breath. And another. “Christopher…” Her voice was strained, and she swallowed hard. Then she sat upright, still looking like if she was on the verge of tears. Adelie pushed back a strand of hair and looked into the garden, where silver veils of rain danced in front of the flower beds. “He made me believe I was in love. He played me like a stupid fiddle, and I was too blind to see it[…]

Ep.30 – A nurse happens

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“You don’t like Eden?” Nate guessed. Adelie sighed. “Eden itself is beautiful. There’s no place quite as beautiful, and I’ve seen a lot of other planets. But it’s still a relatively small colony, they’re still not done with populating the first continent. It’s perfect for adventures in unexplored regions if you’re into that sort of thing, but my mother never let me go. It wasn’t befitting for a baroness to go exploring.” “You sound like life there was like a[…]

Ep.31 – Time to face the music

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“She’s gorgeous. You have great taste.” Adelie never reacted in the way he expected. Nate didn’t quite know how to answer the compliment. “Uh, thanks?” Avoiding his look, she played with the napkin holder, biting her lips. “You’re not holding her up against me, are you?” He asked. She shook her head and sat upright with a sigh. “No. I can’t, can I? It’s just… weird. Weird to see you with another woman.” She aligned the napkin holder with the[…]

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