Alpha and Omega

06/08/2017 um 06:00

Rugby Championships, Part 6 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 60)

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Reunited again! Nate stood in the middle of the field, trying to extinguish the shadow of frustration that tainted his greatest triumph. He looked at the cheering masses, the gold confetti raining from above, his teammates celebrating with the cup. It was all so perfect, but he wished he could share this moment with Adelie. She wouldn’t even be able to watch it live, nor would she be able to see everything on TV. He wanted to kick something, but[…]

02/08/2017 um 06:00

Rugby Championships, Part 5 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 59)

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More letter writing. Dearest Adelie, coming into my room after dinner to a new message from you is certainly my highlight of the day. And I hope that you like waking up to one from me every morning. My shoulder still hurts from the crash with Lexington, but the doc is confident that I’ll be able to play in the final. Holy crap, I still can’t believe we made it all the way to the end. We’re all equal parts[…]

30/07/2017 um 06:00

Rugby Championships, Part 4 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 58)

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Writing letters to each other. Dear Nate, I’m glad to hear that you arrived safely and that you’re happy with the hotel. Nothing’s worse than bad lodgings. The guide has done me good service all the time the tour stayed in Shanghai Five. I don’t know if it’s still there, but if you get a chance, try Fong’s at the corner of Emerson and Gibraltar Avenue – they have the best Dim Sum. Everything’s the same here in good old[…]

26/07/2017 um 06:00

Rugby Championships, Part 3 (Alpha & Omega Episode 57)

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Saying goodbye is hard. Nate watched her standing beside the huge bus that was about to ferry them to Lewiston Space Travel Terminal. Adelie shivered in the cold morning air. She looked a little lost and miserable. There were other player’s partners too, and none of them seemed particularly happy. He stepped next to her and touched her arm. “Hey. Take this.” He wrapped her in his team hoodie. “You’ll get cold!” She protested, but snuggled into the warmth of[…]

23/07/2017 um 06:00

Rugby Championships, Part 2 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 56)

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Our heroes discuss what happens when jokes become reality. Nate’s kiss poured a golden glow into every crack and fissure of Adelie’s anxious heart until she could breathe again. He held her together with his strong arms until she wasn’t falling apart anymore and the painful idea of a life without him retreated. “Thank you,” she mumbled into the folds of his shirt, bringing out his great chuckle. She looked up, diving into the blue of his eyes with abandon[…]

19/07/2017 um 06:00

Rugby Championships, Part 1 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 55)

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Adelie and Nate face the first rough point in their relationship. “If Haystack isn’t careful, the Princess is going to roast his tail feathers.” Jake stared through his binoculars to get a better view of the happenings in the sky. Nate shoved his hands deeper into the pockets of his parka to keep them from freezing. “He’ll be lucky if she doesn’t do worse to him…” “Come on, come on… boom! There, Haystack’s toast.” “Told ya so.” The sky was[…]

16/07/2017 um 06:00

New Horizons, Part 5 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 54)

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Adelie does her darn best to get Nate back on his feet. Nate had waited all day long to hear Adelie’s footsteps on the porch. He put his book away as she slipped out of her boots in the hallway and the clinks of the coat hangers told him she’d gotten out of her coat. Then his door opened, and her head poked through. A smile appeared as their eyes met. “Hey. How’s my favourite patient?” She stepped into the[…]

12/07/2017 um 06:00

New Horizons, Part 4 (Alpha and Omega, Episode 53)

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For once, Adelie can’t save Nate and has to confront her own feelings for him in consequence. It indeed came quickly and with it another rugby match. Adelie recruited Leslie to come and watch it with her. The sun shone from a bright blue winter sky, and breath formed white clouds. Adelie cradled a cup of hot tea in her hands while she watched the two teams being locked around the centre line. The bodies of the players seemed to[…]

08/07/2017 um 06:00

New Horizons, Part 3 (Alpha and Omega, Episode 52)

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The morning after is not quite as Adelie has expected it to be. Frantic scrambles. A sorry, likely from Eddy. Steps on the wooden stairs, across the upper hallway, a door closing. Adelie exhaled audibly. He turned around and found her sitting in the middle of the rumpled bed, sheets still clutched to her chest, but by far less embarrassed. Then a rhythmic thumping sound. Adelie combusted into giggles and fell backwards into the pillows, sheets sliding down and revealing[…]

05/07/2017 um 06:00

New Horizons, Part 2 (Alpha and Omega, Episode 51)

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Nate and Adelie have to cut their pillow talk short, thanks to some unexpected visitors. Nate tried to regain a modicum of control over his body. Smooth and soft fingertips stroked his nape. His face was pressed into a breast, not the worst kind of cushion in his opinion. A tender kiss on the crown of his head. He should move. He should get off this glorious woman before his weight crushed her. Adelie ran her fingers through his hair,[…]

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