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23/03/2014 um 09:11

writing and… skin tones

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I have to confess, it took me an ridiculous amount of time to understand why many descriptions of darker skin tones are so offensive. It is not that they are likened to precious stones, fine wood or food. As an aside, many find the food category offensive, because it not only objectifies people, but it treats them also as if they are consumable. That rings true to me, but I can think of certain intimate events in the bedroom when[…]

15/03/2014 um 10:00

writing in a second language

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Sometimes I wonder why I do this. Why do I voluntarily write with handbrakes on? Because that’s how it feels like, writing a story not in your native language. I’m very much at home in the English language, there’s no doubt about that. But language is much more than putting words behind each other in the right order or using the correct article. Being fluent in two languages often leaves me groping for words in either of them, because I[…]

02/02/2014 um 13:03

the male gaze: what writing strong women and romance has to do with the definition of sexy and why I fear I screw it up

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that men control media. Any form of media – yes, even the fashion magazines. I don’t want to discuss in depth what this does to the image of women in general, all the photoshopping to perfection, the whitewashing, the celebration of youth… but I can’t stop thinking about how this male controlled imagining of what women are influences my very own brain. Or my writing. You don’t see half as many naked men in[…]

24/11/2013 um 20:24

writing and… perception

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Haven’t written one of those lately, have I? Time to change that. It occurred to me, that writers are actually scary people and you should be really careful if you want us as friends. Because we have a very finely tuned perception and awareness of the happenings around us. We notice stuff. We are curious. We linger in the backgrounds and observe the others. We notice the wind on our skin, and the way it ruffles the grass going through[…]

28/10/2013 um 18:31

tales of strawberry nipples and disaster’s ugly head

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I learned two very important lessons yesterday. The first: Never, ever compare any body part with fruits or vegetables, if you are writing a sex scene. Especially do not liken nipples with strawberries*. Just… don’t. The second one is a rather unfunny one. Backup your writing. Often! Twice more often than you think would be enough! After an unfortunate click and a crashed iPad I thought I had lost all the writing I did during the weekend, a whopping 2000[…]

19/10/2013 um 10:47

writing and… quality versus quantity

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I am a very slow writer, and thus always feel a bit bad when I read how many words other people knock out in an hour. I would never be able to write the required 1500 words a day to participate in NaNoWriMo. The overall message seems to be “Write, write as much and as fast you can, revise later, first drafts suck anyway.” I get that this technique might work if you have to shut down an overly harsh[…]

13/10/2013 um 19:11

writing and… the creative muscle, the alphabet, and me

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(I apologize in advance, but this post is a bit like a meandering river, taking turns here and there and ending up nowhere… The quote up there is by Ira Glass by the way) Writing is maybe the only thing where I don’t question my abilities. Those 27 little characters of the Alphabet are my best buddies. I made people cry, I made people happy with them. Words don’t always come easy, sometimes it hurts like running into a brick[…]

22/09/2013 um 10:18

writing and… the mary sue

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The Mary Sue is one of my biggest fears. If you have no idea what a Mary Sue is, please fall into the time sink TVTropes right this way, and consider yourself warned. Well, I obviously don’t write fanfiction, but I’m still afraid of Adelie turning into something along these lines: The prototypical Mary Sue is an original female character in a fanfic who obviously serves as an idealized version of the author mainly for the purpose of Wish Fulfillment.[…]

21/09/2013 um 10:24

writing and… research

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One of the really awesome side effects of writing is that you have to educate yourself on countless things. This is a given when writing historical fiction, of course, but is also true for more fantastical settings like fantasy and science fiction. After growing out of my horse books, as a teenager, I solely read fantasy. Good ones, bad ones, until I finally read the Lord of the Rings in my early Twenties and came to the conclusion that I[…]

14/09/2013 um 12:36

writing and… number crunching

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Despite the fact that I have the talent to hide whole book plots in single chapters, I intend to finish this “not a book” thing by August 31th, 2014. I originally planned for 12 chapters, but this didn’t work out, so right now I’m at 11 chapters and maybe an epilogue. But I plan for writing 100 000 words, which would be about 400 pages. Yeah, I know, some people manage 50 000 words in NaNoWriMo, but I don’t want[…]

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