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26/09/2017 um 06:00

Wie man eine Geschichte schreibt

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Was ich immer sehr bedauerlich finde: Vieler kreativer Arbeit sieht man am Ende nicht an, wieviel Stunden und Stunden an Arbeit drin stecken. Man steht 10 Minuten vor einem Gemälde, schaut 90 Minuten einen Film, hört 3 Minuten einen Song oder liest in einer Woche ein dickes Buch. Natürlich kann man alles auch noch zig-mal wieder anschauen/hören/lesen, aber man wird niemals selber soviel Zeit in das Werk investieren, wie der Künstler, der es erschaffen hat. Manche Werke fressen Jahre an[…]

23/06/2017 um 06:00

Von schwarzen Löchern und dem Tuten des eigenen Hornes

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Ich bin jemand, dessen größter Horror es ist, irgendwie unangenehm aufzufallen. Oder noch schlimmer: Leuten auf den Wecker zu gehen. Nun ist es aber so, dass die Zeiten vorbei sind, in denen Content ganz von alleine seine Leser gefunden hat. Wenn man nicht auf möglichst vielen Kanälen die eigene Werbetrommel rührt, dann wird man schlicht nicht bemerkt. Man sitzt im schwarzen Loch. Das hat bei mir in letzter Zeit doch vermehrt zu Frust geführt. Da ich aber nicht auf alle[…]

07/06/2015 um 09:53

writing and… painful decisions

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“Beginnings” is teaching me a lot of things that will have an effect on the Apples. Namely that writing in the correct order of things works better for the first draft than haphazardly jumping around in the time line. I also learned a thing or two about pacing. After three days (1) of vacation, the muse suggested thinking about the Apples and their bloated plot. This morning, while the glorious Sunday quiet was still around (2) I took pen and[…]

18/01/2015 um 10:39

writing… and inspiration

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The question every writer is probably asked the most (by non-writing people): Where do you get all these ideas? The answer is never easy, because, well – everything is an inspiration. Writers are observers, and even the most mundane thing can become the spark for a story, a character trait, a scene… Let’s take the Christmas Story, for example. The little cottage was heavily inspired by a house in the swiss alps, where I spent a weekend a few years[…]

07/12/2014 um 11:09

writing and… making up people

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I recently went shopping with a friend and found this snow globe. I tweeted it with saying that Adelie would love this… stopping dead in my tracks after I hit “Send”, wondering if I’d gotten insane. Adelie is a fictional person. Yes, she used to collect snow globes as a kid, much prettier ones as this. But that I even thought about her like a friend as soon as I saw a snow globe? Making up human beings is not[…]

30/11/2014 um 13:06

Writerly Tools: Ember

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Being creative means being interested in a multitude of things – you got to feed your muse, don’t cha? And as most creative persons can probably relate, keeping all the things that inspire you neatly and accessible can be a bit of a headache. For a while I used Evernote, and then Pinterest – but I always feel a bit uneasy when using internet based services. Mostly because I’ve seen more than one service biting the dust, and then what[…]

26/10/2014 um 21:11

Why it is important to write every day

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One thing you read quite often in any sort of writing related medium is to write every day. It took me a long time to actually get what was meant. Of course, at first I took it as “Write your story every day.” – but this can actually be quite exhaustive. And writer burn out is a thing that should be avoided at at all cost. I recently adapted my writing to first scribble into my notebook and then (or[…]

18/10/2014 um 11:13

dealing with a shapeshifting chameleon of a book

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There wasn’t a lot of writing lately, mainly because I decided to live like a grown-up and also a lot of stress at work. It’s meeting season, cue me having to pour all my creativity into creating brochures and flyers and shiny illustrations in a ridiculous short amount of time. On top of that we’re one man short and have too much to do. Leaves you drained and not with a brain that wants to deal with writing in the[…]

26/09/2014 um 11:16

writing and… certain aspects of femininity

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A lot of things are not mentioned in stories, especially not the mundane stuff. The fact that people eat, sleep and have to use the bathroom for example, unless it serves the story. There are also a lot of traps to avoid while writing strong women. A strong woman doesn’t mean that they’re emotionless battle-amazons, but that they’re independent human beings with a range of emotions and one or more goals. But there’s one thing that I never see mentioned[…]

30/03/2014 um 20:28

transformation, or: the process of finding the right words

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This is how the short story “Cadets” began, as I wrote it the very first time, in German: Seite an Seite standen die Kadetten der beiden Schwesternstaffeln Albatros Alpha und Albatros Omega in ihren dunkelblauen Uniformen neben dem Flugfeld der Westerhaven Airbase Academy. 50 Köpfe mit akkurant sitzenden Berrets auf kerzengerade gehaltenen Körpern hatten ihren Blick unverwandt nach vorne gerichtet, während die Mittagssonne erbarmungslos gleißend am wolkenlosen, augustblauen Himmel stand. Die wabernde Luft über dem Beton verwandelte die geparkten Camaro-Fighter[…]

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