02/02/2014 um 21:11

Books of 2014: #2 Playing for Love at Deep Haven, Katy Regnery

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So, the true first book of this year, which I somehow couldn’t finish. But now I have. To be fair, I think the book and I have met at the wrong time, which perfectly fits with its theme of second chances. I’m usually no romance reader, but for whatever reason, I read a lot of that stuff lately, and as Playing for Love at Deep Haven came along, it was like as if I’d eaten too much sweets. Although it[…]

15/01/2014 um 20:00

Books of 2014: #1 – The Language of Dying, Sarah Pinborough

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I found Sarah’s Twitter via Chuck Wendig (who I found via Tumblr, but that’s a different story), and it was one of those accounts I just had to follow, although I had never read any of her books before. She has the power of putting the saddest things into the most beautiful words, and they will haunt you for a long time. She is also very clever and very funny. Admiring her essays for a long time, I finally came[…]

17/11/2013 um 11:00

“Lead and Lace” by M. A. Grant

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Yesterday evening the muse was not compliant. To get my brain some down time, I thought, “Hey, you haven’t read a book in a while…” Last week the very first issue of “Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly” was published, and it has lots and lots of book recommendations to my heart’s content: adventure, handsome heroes and fierce heroines. One of the book critiques was about “Lead and Lace” and it caught my interest. After reading the very first paragraph on Amazon, I[…]

17/10/2013 um 21:37

on the bedside table: the art of the mass effect universe

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The sight of this book in my hands triggered a “You’ve got to be kidding me!” from my own handsome hero. Because, I don’t play video games. So what on earth would I want with a book like that? Although I don’t play them, I find video games fascinating – they are very interesting storytelling devices, and if it wouldn’t mean that I actually have to solve riddles and kill pixel people, I would love to interact with these stories.[…]

27/09/2013 um 21:06

On the Bedside Table: By Proxy

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I usually do not read books with the label “Romance” – not because I’m opposed to cheesy love stories, but because I want a bit more plot. An adventure, a mystery, anything… and because my inner feminist gets all angry with stories that try to sell me that only men make girls happy. Anyway, I couldn’t wait to read Kathy’s “By Proxy” – be it a christmas time romance or not. It is one thing to read any book, or[…]

01/08/2013 um 20:42

On the Bedside Table: Shards of Honor

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“Shards of Honor” is the first book in the famous Vorkosigan-Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold. Somehow I managed to never have heard of this saga before, until I searched for Science Fiction written by women. After stumbling upon it many times since, I finally gave in and bought it for the Kindle. What’s the story Cordelia Naismith is taken prisoner by Aral Vorkosigan, commander of a Barrayan ship that has been taken over by a ambitious crew member. Together they[…]

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