The Ritual

Not every ritual requires candles, incense, crystals or a naked person tied up on the floor inside a pentagram. The sound of water hitting white porcelain. It drones out every other sound. Bathing essence paints dark swirls in elaborate patterns into the turbulent waters, before everything turns blue and the scent of lavender and lemon …

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Lace borders of frost frame the grass blades in the mornings and half-dead sunflowers stand guard like foot soldiers of the garden. November is the month where fall shows its teeth. It has nothing to do with the still almost summer of September, or the crisp, golden vibe of October. The harvest is brought in, …

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Back in black

Hello WordPress, you trusty old friend. We go back a long, long time, way back before Social Media was a thing. But you know what – Social Media has lost its appeal. I’ve grown weary of Twitter, which seemed to have turned into a pressure valve of bad moods. Facebook is just ads. Instagram is …

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