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20/08/2017 um 06:00

Conflict – A scene from the scrap pile

When you’re a cadet at the Academy, there isn’t much reason for conflict when you fall in love. Unless, of course, when author-god creates it. I ultimately decided against forcing conflict upon my two innocent little cadets. They should be allowed a time of happy butterflies to build a strong relationship that will be stable enough to withstand anything I[…]

16/08/2017 um 06:00

This is not a game – A scene from the scrap pile

Before I decided to start at the beginning of Nate’s and Adelie’s relationship, before I took everything to the peaceful and sweet town of Meadow Junction, the main setting was a space station. The United Space Force was in constant conflict with their enemy, the Corporation. And Nate and Adelie weren’t fresh-faced, innocent cadets, but seasoned fighters with a generous[…]

13/08/2017 um 06:00

An unexpected kiss – An Alpha & Omega out-take

If I’d collect all the first kisses I wrote between Nate and Adelie over the course of months and across different story ideas that ultimately ended up in the scrap pile, I probably had another book. Full of kisses, mmmmh! Anyway – this take on the first kiss was a little mean, because it happens in front of the other[…]

09/08/2017 um 06:00

Attraction – An Alpha & Omega out-take

The craft of writing demands a lot of re-writing, shuffling and cutting of words, scenes, sometimes whole chapters. What follows is a scene between Nate and Jake that didn’t make it into the final version. Some ideas re-appear in the locker room scene that got written and published instead. Originally, Alpha and Omega had a lot more plot-lines and a[…]

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